Sunday, November 19, 2017

My First Earthquake (15. Nov.)

Who knew I'd experience my first earthquake at the age of 31 in South Korea?

It was about 14:29 Korea time. I was at my desk in my classroom at my main school (해운초). On Wednesdays, classes end at 13:50. Most students were gone, and some were either playing or in their afterschool activities. My co-teacher and I were in the room together. She was doing her thing, and I was doing mine. Then, I felt it.

I knew the students are going to have a school festival this coming Friday and they were going to be practicing for it up until the day arrives. I thought many of the students were jumping because I felt vibrations from below. I even asked my co-teachers if the students were jumping. That was when it got stronger. That was also when I realized: The kids cannot make that! My co-teacher and I looked at each other, each knowing the other felt the earthquake. So we evacuated. Kids were evacuating too, so my co-teacher directed them to the exit, just as she did during the earthquake drill the week or two before.

That was interesting. I was laughing a bit, but out of shock. That's my reaction to when I'm shocked: I laugh.

The students at the school were all there on the playground. Some of the teachers were there too, talking with each other or checking on their students--or both. After about 5 - 10 minutes, we returned to the school building and continued as we were before the earthquake.

That's my boring story of my first earthquake.

At least I can now say I've experienced an earthquake.

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