Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Placement

So here I am, my first morning in my new home for the rest of the year.

Where is it?

It's called Hoengseong (횡성) in Gangwon. Check out the link on Hoengseong to find out some more about my town.

Yes, it's a town. Not a small city, a decent-sized town. My predecessor showed me around and said he showed me about 65% of the town. This was after a 30-60 min. tour.

My apartment is in the 1st floor. I've got 2 bedrooms and a bathroom I really like. I had a shower last night and the water pressure was very impressive. I almost didn't need soap! There's no internet in my place, so I'll be in a nearby cafe or one of my schools for internet needs for a bit.

Did I say one of my schools? Yes I did . . .
Since I'm in a small town in the middle of rural area, I will be teaching in more than 1 school. I was told by my main co-teacher that I'll be teaching in . . .

. . . ready for it? . . .

. . . 5 schools!

Yeap. That means I'll be in a different school everyday. My class sizes? I was told between 13 (the largest) and 1 (the smallest). This sounds more of a mission field than where I was before with SDALI.

You know what? I didn't think it would be like this, but this is what I signed up for. I'm really looking forward to this journey and the exciting things this year has to offer. Bring it! I'm ready to catch whatever you've got to throw!

(side note: as I'm typing this, someone from the Saenuri party (conservative political party in Korea) came into the cafe I'm currently in. He spoke to the girl behind the register--and then to me. He gave us both his card. Who knows if I'll come to need him--or him me? Thought I'd share.)

*Post note: He was running in the local elections and started campaigning early.

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