Thursday, April 17, 2014

Alive in April

***Whoops, I honestly thought I already posted this. Well, here it is, 1 week later.***

Don't fear, nothing drastic happened to me. It's just that I couldn't think of a better title for this post. I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and kicking, even when I don't write here every week.

I've got a half day at my school today (Thursday). The teachers have to go to some training in Chuncheon (춘천) right after lunch. I was told to go home. I've got some time, so I figured I'd write something here.

Last weekend (April 5 & 6), I went to Seoul again. Yes, I was just in Seoul (서울)/Bucheon (부천) the previous weekend, but this time was to spend some time with a friend who will leave Korea really soon--and probably for good. I left for Seoul right after lunch on Saturday to meet the friend I was going to stay with for the night. She had a few things going on, but no problem.
Sunday, we met up with our mutual friend who was leaving. We had lunch at a Mexican fast-food place called "Tomatillo." It was good. I wouldn't go there everyday, but I would like to go back. Although it was pricier than I expected. It was the 3 of us plus the one friend's husband and another friend who's about to give birth at the end of the month. 
After lunch, it was the 3 of us again and we went to the "Princess Diary" cafe, near Ewha Women's University. This is a cafe where you can get your coffee, tea, shake, whatever and try on a dress--most likely a wedding dress. They have several kinds of dresses that can be made to fit most body types--including Western body types. The dress I tried on was a bit tight, but that's 'cause I needed a corset. Well, the dress WAS the corset. I could get in, but you could tell it wasn't my size. Then again, considering that this is Korea, the land where I'll have to go to the men's section in order to find something that may fit me relatively well, I guess the dress was a success. If I go again, I'm definitely picking up another dress.
There were 2 dresses I liked, but either I was too curvy or it was only 1 size. So yeah.

I was contemplating about posting about this, seeing I didn't take my own pictures. The other 2 girls took tons of pictures, but I haven't received 1 yet. Then again, I'm not sure if I want to share such a picture on the internet . . . it'll have to depend on the picture.

I hear there's more than 1 in Seoul, but I don't know. Don't feel like looking it up right now.

I'll admit that this is an activity that's a bit too much on the girly side for me, but it was nice. Even I need those "girly moments" every once in a while.

Ah yes I almost forgot! I got to check out Costco in Sangbong (상봉동). It was Sunday night, so that's probably why it was so packed. They have both Korean and Western brand stuff. Not everything mind you, but enough. My friend and I went through it pretty quickly, considering I had to leave soon if I wanted to make it home not too late. Which I did. 
Now I know it takes 19,200 Korean Won ($18.57 USD/ 13.40 Euros) to get from Wonju train station to my home. Not bad at all.

I'm expecting my camera to come soon, so bear with me please. You WILL get to see some pictures.
Yes, I have a camera in my phone, but I can't send my pics to my email or anything like that because it's pre-paid. If I had a contract, I could.

Now, for this weekend, I'll be making my return tour of Cheonan to see a few familiar faces and spend some time with them. We'll see how it all goes.

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