Thursday, April 24, 2014

A moment

It's Thursday, April 24th as I type this. It's the morning. It's the day before payday. Tomorrow after school, I'll be off to Gwangju (GOD willing). But today, I have a cold. Drat, it caught me too.

Before I forget, this past weekend was quite impromptu. Saturday found me spending the day in neighboring Wonju. It was nice being in church AND understanding everything that's going on. It was also nice to meet and be reunited with fellow-foreign SDAs. The late afternoon walk around Yonsei University campus was also nice.

Sunday morning was a short Korean lesson, then a trip to Gangnam (Seoul) to see Tracy one last time before she goes.

I'm slightly disappointed, but I understand. Originally, my "Friday school" was going to go on a field trip, giving me the day off. With this knowledge, I could leave for Gwangju this (Thursday) evening. Yet, with the ferry disaster that claimed about 200 lives--the majority being high school students--the government has ordered all field trips to be postponed/cancelled as an act of mourning. I'll have to come in Friday morning and leave for Gwangju in the early evening. You can say this is one of those "oh well" moments. Just go with the flow, since there's nothing you can do about it, other than control how you're gonna react to it. I was gonna go anyway, if it meant leaving Thurs. or Fri., just that Thurs. would've been better. 

Time to stop being selfish and offer a prayer for the families of the victims and survivors, for strength and comfort as they go through this horribly dark moment in their lives. I also pray for the survivors, that they don't feel guilty for being alive; to take this as a turning point to do something great in their lives, in honor of those who died. Please pray for all of them and their families. May GOD be ever with them during this time, and feel HIM closer than ever before. Amen.

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