Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Long Weekend in Daegu & Pohang/대구 & 포항 (4-8.June '14)

Ugh, it's Wednesday night and I'm still a little tired from this long weekend . . . but it was worth it.

I went to see friends in Daegu from EPIK orientation. On Friday & Saturday we were in Pohang. I came back home early Sunday afternoon.

Let me show you some pictures so you can get the gist of my trip . . .

1st thing I saw when I stepped off the bus at North Daegu Bus Terminal (북대구버스터미널). I've never had Uzbekistani food, nor seen an Uzbekistani restaurant. I like this city already.

North Daegu Bus Terminal

Subway map, plus interesting places at the different stops.

Where you can get the subway tickets, if you don't have a T-Money card.

Entrances & exits clearly marked.

This was in the transfer station (Banwoldang).
Nice that they provide constant reminders. Too bad that too few heed them.

Pretty cool monitor, to know when your train is coming or going.

Apparently, there are many Chinese & Japanese here, hence the need to have a tri-lingual sign.

I met my friends and some of their friends. Walking around the main downtown area (near Banwoldang Station), we came across this place.
Hmm . . . nitrogen ice cream . . .

Here's one receiving his milk-with-liquid-nitrogen-poured-over-it-and-mixed-in, plus a syringe of chocolate (?). I tried a spoonful from another friend. It was ok, but not enough for me to buy a cup for myself.

At Dong (East) Daegu Station

On Thursday, we made a Costco run. As we were eating, I noticed this dispenser of onions. You can read about the mayhem on my friend's blog here.

Cute caged dogs on the top floor of a Lotte Department Store near Sangin Station (?).

Cats having their dinner.

Panoramic view of an area about 4 blocks from where another friend lives (I stayed with her Wed. & Thurs. nights). Daegu is building its 3rd subway line--and it's a monorail. Everyone I've talked to about this was excited.

You can kinda see the station.

The architecture plus the hill/mountain and stream really caught my eye.

Friday morning. Off to Pohang. Arrived at Dong Daegu station very early, so I walked around, had breakfast, and walked around some more til the crew arrived.
That was when I saw this.
More info, please!

This was the train I took.

This was our motel in Pohang, a block away from Yeongildae beach.

The view of the Ferry Terminal from our 7th floor window.

At the beach?
The things you'll see in Korea . . . 

This is a pretty cool lifeguard post, even though there were no lifeguards to be found.

2 couples plus a cute dog.

We could see some action going on in the distance, so Julie and I went closer to investigate what it could be. These pictures will tell you:

That was sooooo cool!

They just built last year (or so I understood).

My dinner along the beach--burgers on rye bread! That makes sense, right?

Yeongildae at night.

Panorama of Posco at night.

Even a steel company can look amazing at night.

An interesting light bulb on our floor. It was pink, blue, and green.

Panoramic view of Yeongildae beach, where we were on the day before (It's Saturday morning).

Jungang Shopping Arcade Streamlet, just a block from Pohang train station.

Same, but looking at the opposite direction.

Outdoor Street . . . what, as opposed to an indoor street?

Main street's art hall. Walked up to it without knowing. It looked closed.
I don't think I would've entered even if it was open, 'cause of the Sabbath.

At a bus stop.
Isn't this so convenient?

Ok, I ditched my crew on Saturday. They wanted to check out Jukdo market, whereas I preferred to see the Hands of Harmony sculpture at Homigot Sunrise Square, just off the coast of Pohang.
It took longer than expected, with an expensive cab ride to the site, but I got there.

Panoramic shot from the dock, looking inland.

Oh, I would've liked this. Too bad I didn't have a lot of time or anyone to enjoy it with.
It was probably over-priced anyway (the street food sure was).

The hand from the sea.

Yours truly with the hand.

A sunrise still.
Most Koreans try to get here to see the 1st sunrise of the New Year. Being the eastern-most point in Korea, I can understand why this place would be popular for sunrises in general. I guess it brings good luck?

A few other things to see with the Hands of Harmony at Homigot Sunrise Square.

I got it from behind, but this is supposed to be the figure of the Korean peninsula.
I like tigers.

The right hand at the sea . . .

. . . and the left hand on land.

It's hard, but can you see both hands of the Hands of Harmony?

Yeonorang and Seonyeo Statues
They are the main characters of a myth about the sun and the moon. I read they represent true love within a marriage.

New Millennium Memorial Hall.
You can get a great view from the observatory near the top.
That's exactly where I was going.



I couldn't see what it was.
Looked cool, though.

No need to explain this place.

A ship for a restroom!

Both Hands of Harmony from the observatory.

The entire plaza from the observatory.

The safety bar was set pretty high. I'm grateful.

Nice country-side location. I wonder if that windmill actually generates power to this area.

Quite a few people, families galore.

Back to Pohang station, after having something to eat.

The info desk just outside the train station.

The lockers where we kept our stuff for a good chunk of the day.
Only cost 1,500 Won ($1.48USD /1.09 Euros) for the 6(+/-) hours I used it.

In the train (hooray for window-seat!), catching the golfers just as we pull out of a station in Pohang.

So that was my long weekend in the 1st week of June. Tiring, but good. Let's see if I can have the chance to go back.


  1. I am so glad to see your posting. It's so great!
    I felt I traveled Pohang directly even though I've never been to there. You know about the Pohang more than I do.

  2. do you still remember how you go to homigot from the train station?

    1. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly.
      I just know I got a bus (from some random bus stop) that stated "호미곳" (Homigot) as one of its stops, but then I took a taxi to where the park actually was--and it was not that near the "Homigot" stop.
      I'm sorry. >.<