Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Park in Hoengseong (공원이 횡성에) (1.July)

There's a park here in Hoengseong that I've been saving to take pictures of later. I finished work early today (high school students are taking their finals; which mean I don't teach at all. Yay, desk-warming!) and got home early. Long story short, I decided to turn "later" into "now."

This is the way I decided to go up. It's just behind the courthouse, next to the county hall.

I like to think this is my welcome gate.

Looking behind me, as how the stone path suddenly drops (into stairs).

A memorial to the Dutch who fought and died in Hoengseong during the Korean War.

Brief description here.

panoramic view of my "welcome gate", the Dutch memorial, and the "bell pagoda".

Memorial to the March 1st Movement (of independence from the Japanese)

A better, fuller view.

A memorial to the Korean War

Can't help but getting an eerie feeling when I get close to these statues.
Kind of like they were frozen in time.

This is a shrine. Inside is an altar to the veterans and those who didn't live to become veterans.

A few things to note as you're going into the park.

Up we go.

Soaking in the view.

From here, I took a couple of panoramic shots.

Check out the mountains.

Now check out the town.

Maryland would be jealous of this Black-eyed Susan (state flower).

If you can see, these paths have a slight extension. My guess is for when people are coming from opposite sides, there's space for one to move to the side and let the other pass.

The Office of Education building (ok, the 3rd floor), where we Hoengseong EPIK teachers have our Korean classes every Wednesday.

I can't tell you how much I've missed White Birches.

The restroom on the right, and the stairs to continue my photographic exploration on the left.

Just . . . hold . . . still . . .

Water lily pond and walkway.

An outdoor amphitheater. Not sure if anything's held here, but it's a good spot.

Ah, view of aforementioned pond and walkway from atop a hill.

Take advantage of all the hills on your park, that's what I say.

Chained weights.
Even in Korea, you shouldn't forget that theft still happens.

Another, better, closer view of the afore-shown amphitheater.

The map of the park.
I don't trust it, since it's not accurate.

From the large opening at the bottom of the hill (another entrance/exit) up to the path that takes me back to where I started.

Big Bell.

Designs on Big Bell.

No matter how long I stay in Korea, I'll never get over the colors used for the pagodas.
They're so beautiful!

Another view of the bell pagoda/pavilion.

Back to the Dutch memorial and gate, where this post started.

So we've come full circle.

I read that I should receive confirmation of my "really good news" 30 days after the fact . . .
So I guess I'll have to wait til August. I'll definitely share it with you all by then.

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