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English Summer Camp #2 (29.-30.July)

Ok, so today is my last day of summer vacation. Allow me to update my blog so you can be up-to-date with my life--for now.

After District English Summer Camp, my main school (Cheongil Middle) had its own English summer camp. The original plan was to have it for 3 days (Mon. 28 - Wed. 30), but my co-teacher had a business trip to attend on that Monday and I was leaving for my summer vacation on Thursday. So we cramped it all into 2 6 hr. days of relaxed English instruction. Worked out pretty well.

The English component consisted of writing and making invitations. I made some activities and worksheets to get them warmed up to the idea.

Here are all 10 students on the 1st day.
(There are 19 in the entire school)

So, what kind of event for said invitation?

My co-teacher watching these girls' handiwork.

Oh, they finished their invitation, now to color the number-coded squares to figure out what the secret picture is (to give them something to do, while the others are finishing their respective invitations).


Ok, you color, I try to beat my score.

I love how the sign for "2014 English Camp" isn't even in English.
That gives you a pretty good idea of how English education is in this country.

Oh, they're decorating their invitation.


Charming, absolutely charming.

Ok, time for games, like Musical Chairs:

I think they got it!

Lunch break: a local Chinese restaurant.

Break time

More games outside

There she is: Cheongil Middle School, my main school from 5.

First game: Red Rover

1. Two teams on either side of the field. Team members stand side-by-side, holding hands.
2. Team 1 calls out: "Red Rover, Red Rover, let (Team 2 member) come over!"
3. Named Team 2 member must run to the other team and try to run through a pair of hands. The hands let go, then Team 2 member chooses a Team 1 member and takes him back to Team 2.
The hands hold on, Team 2 member must stay with Team 1. The game continues until there's only 1 left (or someone calls it quits).

Nope, he stays.

We do what now?

Yeah, some hands/arms/shoulders/ do get a bit hurt.

Get him!

Whoa, try not to choke him!

I forgot if he broke through or not.

Next game: Octopus

1. Everyone is on one side of the field, except for the one "Octopus" who stands in the center of the field.
2. Everyone calls: "Octopus, octopus; may we cross your waters?"
3. Octopus answers: "Yes, if you (action)"
Everyone must cross the field exactly as octopus says. When Octopus tags a person, that person becomes "seaweed" and helps the Octopus catch more people (or that person can become the next "Octopus." There are variations of this game) until only 1 is left, then he is the next "Octopus" for the next game.

I think "Octopus" said "sleep-walk."


"March like North Korean soldier"?

Last game of the day: Numbers

1. Everyone forms a circle, walk around and start singing.
2. Caller calls out a number.
3. People in the circle must get into groups of that number. Anyone left out is out.
4. Repeat until 2 left.

Oh, didn't go well for her.

Day 2 of camp.

1st game: Human Knot

1. Everyone gets in a circle.
2. Everyone grabs two hands
a. Cannot be from anyone on either side of you.
b. Cannot grab both hands of the same person.
3. Work together until the group becomes an untangled circle.

So, how do we do this again?

You go down there!

We go over and you go under . . . I think.

Last game: Eye of the Tiger

1. Everyone stands in a circle, holding hands, around a chair. The chair is the "Eye of the Tiger."
2. Everyone moves in the circle, holding hands, until one person touches the chair. When he does, he's out.
3. Continue until there's only 2 and you have 1 winner--or until everyone gets tired and decides to quit.

You almost have him!

Let go? Hold hands again and start over.
(or maybe you should be automatically out)

Almost . . .

So, they later went into the computer lab and made/designed their own invitations. Couldn't get a picture of them, but they looked pretty cool.

After lunch (at another local Chinese restaurant), we stopped at a mart for ice cream. There was a gas station, so I thought I'd take this pic to give you all an idea of gas prices in Korea.

For you Americans, this price is for liters in Korean Won.
Do the math, and you shouldn't complain about what you're paying.

After ice cream, it was time for an English movie (with Korean subtitles) "Remember the Titans." We finished with a closing ceremony and prizes, and that was the end of our summer camp!
Pretty chill.

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