Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Vacation part 2: Seoul & Hoengseong (6.-10. Aug.) + Long weekend (15.-17. Aug.)

Now, after Jeju . . .

I had other plans, but they all fell through. So, I had to make due with what I had.
I decided to visit my friend who just moved to Guri from Bucheon. I saw her new place. I like it. It wasn't completely ready at the moment, but I could see it's potential in becoming very "homey."

I had some time to kill at Wonju Station. I thought they were gorgeous.

The pheasants are growing!

Said friend and I went to a vegan buffet restaurant near Wangshimni Station. It's called "효소" or "Hyoso."
I royally stuffed myself. This is a great place for me to go, since I know I can eat everything there without any worries. 

The buffet is that entire horseshoe along the back wall.

You can see their hours.
I seriously think they meant noon (12 PM) as opposed to midnight (12 AM) for their lunch hours.
There's space for 44 people in the restaurant.
It's 13,000 Won per person (9,000 if you're an elementary student).
I understand if you're 7 or below, it's 6,000 Won for you.

To find this place, go out Wangshimni Station, exit 12. Walk straight for several blocks until you see "효소" sign on the 2nd floor of a building. Open the door, walk up the stairs, pay, eat, and enjoy!

That Saturday, I woke up quite late and felt the need to go out for a walk. I did just that and walked around the river that borders Hoengseong from the north(-ish). Very sunny day.

Cycling/Walking trail, plus sign for an event.

Lady ducks out for an afternoon.

This is the trail I was on.
I wasn't even prepared to tackle the shorter one. I need to come back another day and try again.

Hmm, this may be a good idea this coming winter . . .

This was a hill I hiked up one time. I believe this was the week before I got my camera.
Anywho, I took the shorter (orange) trail.

I'm really out of shape. Need to get back into hiking.

During my 3rd summer camp, I took an afternoon off straight after camp to have dinner with a friend and a mutual friend in Gangnam, Seoul.

Not far from Exit 9 at Gangnam Station.

I don't know which one I like more: the hands or the curvy building.

We went to a Turkish restaurant called "Pashta"
It was wonderful.
Being in Gangnam, you know it will be expensive. We three ordered one of the cheapest things on the menu (vegetarian entree) and were given the salad bar for free. Score.

View of the salad bar from our table.
Can you see the chocolate fondue fountain?

I liked this accent in the wall decor.

Never hide your light.

The wall beyond.

The "fence" at the front.

My order.
This was my 1st time ordering anything on skewers.
It was fun and tasty!

Ah, the long weekend . . .
It was back to my friend in Guri. She and several friends got together to go to a nice area near Chuncheon (honestly don't remember where, but it has the Morning Calm Garden Park and Petite France).
I wasn't ready for swimming, which made me feel out of place when we were gathered beside a river and then half went in to swim and play in the water. I was jealous.
We made it quite late there, actually (my friend, her husband, and I) and we needed to leave relatively early too. Just ended up that we all left about the same time.
It was good, just would've liked to have been given the "head's up" (again) on the river before I left home without a swimsuit.

A small waterfall one can see from off the path.

Sorry, the place was so nice, I forgot to take more pictures.

Saturday night, hanging out with my friend and her husband again, we went into a cafe I've been wanting to go to for a while, called "A Twosome Place."
I'll put it up there with Angel in Us and Starbucks: it's expensive.

To think this dirty cup of chamomile tea cost me almost $5 USD.
The tea bag is interesting, but no thanks.

Ok, this was a collection of several random posts into one.
I'm almost up to date. I just need to publish 1 more post: about my 3rd summer camp.
Then, I'll be caught up (picture-wise).

Bare with me . . .

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