Thursday, August 21, 2014

English Summer Camp #3 (11.-14. Aug.)

Alright, now here are some pictures from my 3rd summer camp--at Cheongil Elementary.
It went from Monday (11th) til Thursday (14th). It lasted so far because Friday (15th) was a national holiday (Liberation Day--from Japan at the end of World War II).
It was alright. I was confused a lot of the time. Someone else prepared all the activities for the camp. The other foreign teacher and I didn't see the lesson plans for the camp in our emails until the 2nd day of camp, so that made it all the more "interesting."
Either way, in spite of it all, we all had fun.



One 5th grader and two 4th graders.

Two 6th graders.

The head teacher (Shin) supervising the kids as they make "themselves."

Now, present "yourself."

Can you see the resemblance?

Now, we make s'mores!

Making sure the graham cracker (with chocolate coating on 1 side--the closest thing there was) stayed on the regular and mango-flavored marshmallows.

Hey, you work with what you've got.


First, we review what we learned yesterday by popping a few balloons with pieces of paper inside. They are words in a sentence, but they must put the words in order to make the proper sentence.

It was quite loud in the library.

There was a balloon.

Ok, are the sentences in order?

Musical chairs with Lindsay Sterling's "Shadows"
I love this song!

Now, to make hot dogs! The American way!
(somehow, corn and lettuce made it into the ingredients list?)

I love the precision with which they try to make their individual hot dogs.

Ah whatever, just layer it on!

Juvy spreading her enthusiasm to the students.

Hey, it's legit!

You know you like it like that!

Anyone want any more?
(Too bad there aren't any sausages NOT made with pork. I missed out).


panoramic shot of the elementary school from the front.

Two of of Korea's pantheon of heroes: Yu Gwan Sun (the girl with the torch) and Admiral Yi Sun Shin.

Front of the school (oddly enough, I never enter here but through the back).

The King David of Korea (in how he's so beloved and revered), King Sejong the Great.

The football/soccer field from where I took the panoramic front view of the school.

One of the stunning flowers behind the school.

Forgot what we did, but we had watermelon!

Oh, so good . . .

You want our watermelon?
Good luck grabbing it!

Head teacher Shin going over vocab with the students.

You know where this is heading, right?

"I'm all wet!"

Get her!


Everyone, get her!

Oh, cornered by the mob.

Get the teacher!

What are we doing?
I don't know, but get someone!

After taking these pictures (and putting my camera away) they got me too.
It was good.


A sort of scrabble game, minus the board.

Teacher Sandra explaining how to play the game.

Teacher Juvy helping one group of students.

Can I do this?

Let me show you . . .

Afterwards, we watched the movie, "Coraline"

Then it was pizza and chicken.

Say "cheese"

Since half the chicken is covered in sweet chili sauce, that's why they wear a glove; to not dirty their hands.

Is there more?

Yes! I'm all caught up!
It's been really busy since the start of the new semester (this past Monday, the 18th). It's all about getting back into the rhythm of things. I guess I'm just about back in it. I can't believe it's Thursday already. If this is a taste of how this semester is going to be, I'm very encouraged.

I can't wait til Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving).
I'm going to Japan!
For my 1st time ever! I'm really excited! *^.^*

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