Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last Dance + Last day at Cheongil Elementary + Winter (18-20.Dec.)

So, I haven't shared this, but for about 6 months (from April with 2 months off in July & Aug), I've taken a "diet dance class." Basically, I deem it as "aerobic on steroids." Yes, it's quite intense. I think enough that it goes twice a week.
Anyway, Dec. 18th was the last day and we went on a 회식 (staff/class dinner). We went to a meat restaurant of some sort. My friend/EPIK coordinator/fellow-foreigner and I let them know we were leaving come March, so it turned out to be our farewell party as well! I was touched at how authentically sad they were to know we were leaving. I honestly didn't think I was doing much, but I guess coming and dancing with them week after week faithfully meant something that I wasn't aware of.
I'm really grateful for the opportunity I had to dance/exercise with them, their gifts (free dinner and singing room, as well as a BEAUTIFUL scarf), and the fact that they respected my dietary restrictions even on the last day (they ordered a beef dish for me and only served me the Korean version of Sprite). Thank you ladies. 정말 재미있었어요. 많이 감사합니다! 

The ladies

Ok, I'll get in it too.

Ah, winter . . .

Winter morning, looking at my apartment from the bus stop.

With my Friday school (청일초) at my back, I gaze at the sky.

My 5th graders trying to stick the correct flag to the correct country.
This map was waaaaaaayyyyyyy too small for this endeavor. Europe alone was completely covered!

My 6th grade girls.

My 6th grade boys.

Yeap, that's it.
Actually, they used to be 3, but then the boy in the blue coat transferred over, so now the playing field is more even (when it comes to teams)

Cheongil Elementary

Cheongil Middle, just next-door.

Now, the weekend. Oh, it snowed last night!
Camera, to thy duty!

The view from my bedroom window.

Looking more towards the left from the previous picture's position.

Whoa, look at all that snow on the poor branch.

I love the contrast of the snow on this pine.

There were several cute and fat Chickadees on this tree, but once I opened my window, they all flew away. Sadness.

So yeah, do you feel cold yet?

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