Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving in Guri (30. Nov.)

My friend Jennifer held a Thanksgiving meal at her home this past Sunday. There were a few people who came, but it was good that it turned out that way, considering the limited space. But we were all comfortable. A married couple brought the turkey (Jennifer has an oven in her place--most homes in Korea don't have an oven). A former-student and friend of ours brought some sweet potatoes. All I brought were extra hands to help clean and cook--although all I did was help clean. At least I was able to help. Couldn't help do the dishes since I had to leave to make it home before it got too late.

I was able to get a few pics in. Let me share them with you.

The 2 men and their chess game.

Chess (on a Kindle).

Our friend's daughter arranging Jennifer's stuffed animals.

Our friend's second daughter.
Her cute smile and dimples won us over completely.

Ladies playing Jenga as JinSeong observes from his massage chair.

Harold giving it a go.

So, ladies at Jenga and gentlemen at chess (again).
Thought-provoking group, eh?

Most of the food was ready, we were just waiting on the turkey. But we had already helped ourselves to most of the food, as this pic kinda shows.

What? Turkey is done?
Wait, is it my move?

Table, with the turkey.

We played a bit of Pictionary.
Jennifer is drawing binoculars.

Finally, Jack can try some of the food. He dropped his family off and went to work, because something came up. At least he was able to come back and spend a few moments together with us--and most importantly, eat.

I was quite tired by the end (and I still had to get home), but it was worth it. This might be my last Thanksgiving in Korea. I liked it.

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