Monday, March 16, 2015

Gyeongbuk Palace (2.March)

Alright, so I ended my contract on Feb. 25th. That was a very anticlimactic day:
I went, desk-warmed, and was told to leave at noon. The end.
No seriously, that was it.
Good thing they paid me all the money they owed me by then.
So, I moved into a motel from the 24th-28th, giving myself extra time to get everything squared away in Hoengseong before I left for good. I even got to meet the new teacher moving into my apartment, and gave her a small tour around the town. I liked her; I think she'll be fine.
So, from Feb. 28th, I started saying my last goodbyes. From Saturday evening, I was in Seoul and stayed there til I flew out. My days were numbered.
On Monday, March 2, I met up with Hazel and went off to explore Gyeongbuk Palace (sheesh, about time I go there!).
At the end of Gwanghwamun Square, you'll get to this place.

It's the main gate to Gyeongbuk Palace.

Nice area.

If you're interested . . .

Ok, the other, secondary gate into the palace complex.

See those? Supposedly they are supposed to bring good luck and ward off bad luck. They're from a story I know nothing about (tour-guide told us).

If you want a tour . . .
This was what Hazel and I did.

Our tour guide.

The throne room.

Incense burner in said throne room.

Twin golden dragons up in the ceiling.

Lovely pavilion for summer parties and events.
Closed during the winter.

The King's quarters.

Wallpaper inside the queen's quarters.

Chimneys behind the queen's quarters (connected to the heating system under the queen's quarters' floor).

Pavilion where the king and queen would go for dates . . .

(The President's residence)

There's always quite a few tourists around that kind of ruin the photo moments, but we can only do as much as we can with what we have.

Here with my Chinese zodiac animal, the tiger.
1986 = Year of the Tiger.
A museum on the property of the palace.

Back to the throne room.
Man, I love this architecture and colors!

Oh, it's time for the change of the guard ceremony!

The replacements coming out.

The two commanders greeting and checking each other's IDs.

I had to be sure my eyes were not deceiving me. My ears assured me my eyes were correct.

The new guards going to the gate.

Everyone going to the gate, musicians and all.

I wonder if their stations have color-coded uniforms.

The old guards coming back.

The shields are interesting.

Archers marching by the ticket offices.

Musicians followed.

The scene of the change of the guards ceremony.

Yours truly with a few guards.

A mythical creature (Haechi) that's the symbol for Seoul.
You'll see him especially on Seoul taxis.

Goodbye Gyeongbuk Palace. Thanks for the tour and guards ceremony!

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