Thursday, March 12, 2015

Graduations (13.Feb.)

Hi all.
Sorry for my silence and my neglect. I'm back in Florida. It's been 1 week since I left Korea and I'm not quite completely recovered yet, but it's coming along. I should be completely back to normal by next week (according to the theory of 1 day x # of time zones crossed goes). I'm with my family trying to enjoy each and every moment . . . but I also need to update my blog and share my pictures/what happened up until I left Korea (at least). So let me get back on this . . .
So, my winter vacation was over and it's time for me to return to school. I had a summer camp in Gabcheon Elementary and then it was 1 week of classes (but there were no real classes; it was basically a week for graduation preparations).
On Tuesday, I was returned to Gabcheon High for my last time. It was also the first (and last) time I entered the new high school building. I was sent home almost immediately, but I was glad to have had the chance to go inside.
Students' time schedule (from the new teachers' office/room)
Yes, the students get there after 8am and are free to leave at 9pm. Welcome to Korean high schools.

Gabcheon High School from outside.

Where Gabcheon High used to be, when I tried to teach there.

The middle school and high school facing each other (just beyond the green fence).
On Friday, Feb. 13, most of my schools had their graduation ceremonies. I was at my "Monday School" (Cheongil Middle), which meant I could go to my "Friday School" (Cheongil Elementary) and see their graduation ceremony too. Because of the different start times, I was able to do just that.
First, Cheongil Elementary Graduation Ceremony:

The graduating class of 6th graders . . . all 4 of them.

Each of the students.
The principal making a speech.

The 5th grade homeroom teacher and the tech guy taking care of all the "backstage" duties.

The 1st-5th graders performed for the graduating class. It was pretty good and cute. I'm sure I would've enjoyed it more if I knew what they were saying.
Next, Cheongil Middle Graduation Ceremony:

The violin-playing students performed a small number.

Now the guitar class performed their own number too.
The bulk of the ceremony was mostly about giving awards to the students. There were a ton of awards.

Flowers for the graduating students.

The 1st and 2nd graders (11 out of 12) performing in honor of the graduating 3rd graders.

All 7 graduates performing their response song.

The entire student body, with the principal (far right).
It was like a Korean wedding: after the ceremony, it's the paparazzi moment--TONS of pictures! Considering this is a pretty big day, I completely understand. I just feel that they take it a bit overboard. Oh well, no one asked for my opinion.

The graduating 3rd graders from my main school.
This was a pretty good class. Even if they didn't understand me, they were quite enthusiastic--especially the girls!
Good luck kids! Don't lose yourself in high school!

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