Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Peaceful day in Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do/광양, 전라남도 (5. Aug.'17)

This past weekend (over a month since I returned to Korea) was the first time I went to a church. I can't believe it's been that long. It was actually really nice to be in an SDA church again, even though I didn't understand most of what was said (everything was in Korean).

It was a very early start for me. I had to catch the bus to Jinju (진주) at 7:35 am from Masan Intercity Bus Terminal (마산 시외 버스 터미널)--which was about a 30 min. bus ride away.

My friend Amy (that's her English name) and her husband picked me up and took me to their church in Gwangyang (광양). I met Amy back when we both worked in Jeju, and we've kept in touch ever since.

Their church is tiny, but also as friendly and welcoming as it is small. The rooms were just remodeled this Spring. There was wood everywhere, and it smelled like fresh-cut timber--one of my favorite scents ever.

Looking towards the pulpit (front)

Looking towards the back.

Special Music (don't know the title in English)

After the church was done, we all enjoyed lunch across the hall from the sanctuary. Amy and I got a little more caught up. After a while, we said "bye" to everyone and left.

Food coma's result? Lay activities!

Before going to her in-law's house, they decided to give me a mini-field trip to the longest bridge in Korea, that happened to be nearby: Yi Sun-Shin Bridge.
After crossing said bridge, we went to the visitor's information center.


The family checking out the cables inside the main cable.

There she is.

The actual bridge (from the observatory in the center's 4th floor)

Never saw that before (Could Engrish.com accept this?)

Interactive activity to show how they built the bridge.

Yi Sun-Shin Bridge, from the Yeosu/West side.

I like bridges, and this was too cool on so many levels.

Alright, field trip over.
Off to the in-laws'!

From the car window. I love this kind of scenery.
We arrived. Wow, what a house! What a place!
The house sat on the side of a mountain, overlooking Jirisan National Park and the valley we crossed to reach it. We made our way through a narrow, one-car-wide paved road. There were a few sharp turns and steep climbs, but nothing a good driver couldn't handle.
A rice field grew to the left of the house. The house had its own small garden/farm, complete with 2 dogs.
Sounds like country-living at its best--Korean style!

The view from the house's central balcony.

Inside the house, looking at the balcony from the previous photo.

Said "2 dogs."

After watching "Hicksaw Ridge," we had dinner.

Dinner: make your own spring roll with rice paper, veggies, and other ingredients! 
A while later, it was off to the guest cottage right beside the house. After a shower, I went to bed. It was early, but I had gotten up quite early to make it there, plus I hadn't slept so well the previous week.

Out in the country, on a mountainside. A rooster crows in the distance around 4:30 am. A few cows join in the chorus an hour later. Crisp, clean, fresh air.
That was my best morning since returning to Korea.

The rice fields in the morning.

Morning view from that balcony.
I just couldn't stop looking at this view!

As much as I was fascinated by this place, I had to leave. It was another early morning, but at least I had some good-quality sleep. With that, I felt ready to take on whatever.

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