Monday, August 28, 2017

Buses and Trains from Masan/Changwon (or anywhere in Korea)

I took a few pictures of different bus and train times and prices for personal future reference.
Why not add them here?

First off, the trains from Masan Station (마산역):

Timetable to Masan Station

Timetable from Masan Station

Rates for trains and destinations

Any other train-related travel in Korea, Korail is the one you need. You will find all the information you need there. If it's not there, they should have where you can find it.

At Masan's Express Bus Terminal (마산 고속 버스 터미널)


Sorry, I know these pictures are not the best. For any other express bus travel in Korea, go to this website (you'll constantly be closing pop-ups that come up as soon as you get on the site, but at least it's got everything you need--in English, Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin(?))

At Masan's Intercity Bus Terminal (마산 시외 버스 터미널), there are a plethora of buses that run all over the country. Here's the website--but it's in Korean.
However, here is one website that can help you with most buses in English. It might not have all bus routes, but at least it can give you a better idea.

I'll show you a few destinations and their timetables:

Busan is the 2nd largest city in Korea.

Besides "Gwangyang" is "Jinju"/"Jeonju."

Gimhae is where Busan's International Airport is located.

I visited the German Village there.

Incheon Airport is THE major international airport outside Seoul.

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