Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A couple of posts from my 2 other blogs you might wanna check out

For those of you who don't know, this blog is not my only one. I actually have four blogs total.

Here, I documented my second year in my German language school in Austria.
The posts range from when I started until I just before I entered Korea a year later (2010).
I haven't done anything here since, but it's there.

This one has pictures, stories, and other random stuff from my time as an English missionary teacher (TEFL-ing) in Poland.

This is a hotchpotch of when I was in the States, Korea, Poland (including my CELTA course), and back in the States.
I wanted to make this my "mother site" from which the other blogs would branch off.

... and well, you're already here, so no need for me to really explain this one, is there?

In my "Polish" blog, I published an article summarizing my experience TEFL-ing in Poland, if I would go back or not (and why), and a few ideas to keep in mind about how teaching and living are like in Poland. I added a couple brief comparisons to Korea since it's the only other foreign country in which I've ever worked. It's a basic overview if you are curious about teaching in that part of the world. Click on the title to read it: Teaching EFL in Poland: Would I Do It Again?

In my "Scheherazade" blog, I just published: Total Cost of Getting the E-2 Visa for South Korea.
It is kinda strange that I posted it last week. The reason is simple: I thought I already had published it! Until I went back to check on that blog randomly and saw that I didn't. Whoops.
Even though this is about Korea, I published it in my Sheherezade blog 'cause this happened while I was in the States, preparing to return to Korea--but I wanted to share it here too and make you all aware of it, if you weren't already.

If you haven't, I invite you to check out my other blogs. You might find an interesting picture, story, something. I welcome all comments that are not spam, rude, or inappropriate.

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