Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Neighborhood Cafe

A cafe

Just a simple cafe.

The menu is quite small. They don't offer much.

But I will say, that what they lack in variety, they make up for ambiance.

Panoramic shot from my window seat.

A friendly dog that likes to chill with the customers.

360 degree video of the cafe from my window seat.

The ordering counter in the background, friendly dog in the foreground.

The Neighborhood Cafe, on the second floor above Burger King.
If you arrive at Masan Nambu Bus Terminal, you will walk outside. You should see a McDonalds to your right, at the end of the road, in a corner. Go there and cross the street across from McDonald's (not towards "Tour Le Jour" but across the street you just walked beside).
Walk one block. When you see Burger King, enter that building's entrance--NOT the main Burger King entrance (it's right beside it, a black double door).
Go up one floor (via elevator or stairs), and you're there!

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