Thursday, September 7, 2017

Summer Vacation, Part 4: Visiting Friends and Ex-Students in Cheonan Again, and Return to Masan (26.-27. Aug.'17)

Unfortunately, I had to leave Jeju. There were a few former students/friends from Cheonan who didn't have any free time to meet during the week. Therefore, we decided to meet up Saturday night in Cheonan.

So, it was back on the plane, back to Gimpo, and back to Cheonan.

Jeju Airport (and sea) from a taxi.

Domestic and international lines were literally drawn.

Please forgive my camera's impossible panoramic shot.

That's the same company I flew with to and from Jeju: Jeju Air.

It took a little longer for me to return to Cheonan, thanks to weekend/summer vacation traffic.
The important thing is that I made it. And was reunited with a former student I hadn't seen in 6 years. Just to think, that during that time I was either in Korea, Poland, or the States; and he was either in Korea or working for his company in an assignment in Moscow for 4 years.

Charlie and Sooway reunited.

We had Seolleongtang (설렁탕) for dinner then moved to a cafe for dessert and an extended chat session.
I tried to call a couple of friends who used to be in Cheonan but couldn't reach them. I decided to record a video of each of us sending them some kind of message. At least 2 have confirmed they were able to watch the videos. I hope that brought a smile to their faces.

This student's son doesn't seem too impressed.

A typical motel room in Korea. It cost me 50,000 KRW (less than 50 USD).
As you can see, they have EVERYTHING you need.
(Sorry, but it's in Spanish).

Well, and that's it. On Sunday morning, I got the KTX train back to Masan. After 9 days of being away from home, I had returned. I needed to repack and rest because the next semester started the next day.

So it only took me about 10 days to finally publish all these pictures and stuff about my summer vacation.
I hope it won't take as long for my Chuseok holiday.

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