Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Surprise on D-Day (from Jeju--1. March)

I got an unexpected surprise at the airport after I posted the last entry: I saw about 4 SDA students at the airport (and 2 were mine from the term that just ended)!!!
I'm glad to say we were all pleasantly surprised (or so I'd like to think). The first student was at the check-in counter for the airline I was going to leave with. She wasn't my student, but she remembered me. When I checked in all my bags, I had to pay for over-weight luggage, but thanks to that clerk/former SDA student, I was given a discount. 
The second student was from the term that just finished as well. She and her friend were going to fly out together. Of course, her friend was my student in the term that just finished as well (student #3). The fourth student was from the friend (student #3)'s class--although he only attended 2 days. But there's a good reason for that: his job--and his recent promotion.
I don't think I pointed out that he works in the airport.
Because he is so nice and generous, he invited all 3 of us into the KAL Lounge (reserved for business and 1st class fliers). We didn't want to hurt his feelings or be rude, so we agreed to accept his invitation. ^.~
He showed us around a bit (it was very small, so it wasn't required) and stayed with us for a couple of minutes, then he had to leave.
Us 3 girls started to explore this new area that was closed-off to us before. Naturally, my camera wasn't too far off. Here is what I saw . . .

The main seating area.
Snack bar is in the background.

More of the seating area, with info screens and neatly arrayed magazines in the background.

Us 3 girls.

How can people make water fancier and more desired?

Endless array of tea and coffee

You can see every single napkin. Not one is hiding.

Snack bar
The sign says: "Self Service"
I didn't say a sign that had anything like: "Pay Here," hence they must all be free.
I will serve myself, thank you very much.

The excellence isn't just in flight.

My life on a trolley.
Apparently this is where one stores their luggage while they enjoy the lounge.

The reception desk when you walk through the glass doors of the lounge entrance.

When's your flight?

Alright, now I leave to check-in my bags and then feel free to use the bathroom while carrying only a few things. Then I see this faucet. I didn't know how it worked until a lady standing nearby showed me.

How cool is that?!

Well, those were all the surprises for Friday, March 1st.

My journey that day was quite tiring. I used most modes of transportation too.
Jeju to Seoul: airplane
Gimpo airport to friend's house: taxi
friend's house to subway station: on foot
Hoegi Station to Yongsan Station: subway
Yongsan to Cheonan: KTX train
KTX train station to apartment: taxi

tired? I was.

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