Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm back from Japan!

Sitting at "The Beans" by "UCC"'s internet cafe, waiting for my tea latte to cool from boiling temperature, down in B1 level of Incheon International Airport,  comes this post from yours truly.
I have over an hour to wait for my bus to Wonju, so I was happy to order a Rooibus Tea Latte to get access to its internet cafe . . . and let you all know I'm back in Korea. I probably won't be home before 19:00 tonight, but at least I'm back in this country--safe and sound, praise GOD.

I'll get to posting my pictures of my trip--plus tips on how to get around Fukuoka/Kumamoto and other intersting stuff.

. . . 'til then . . . !

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