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Chuncheon (14. Sept.)

**Sorry, I thought I already published this post. Obviously not. Anyway, here it is.**

After coming back from Japan and having 2 days of classes, it was the weekend again. Saturday was lovely. I decided by that afternoon that if Sunday was going to be the same, I'd go out and Chuncheon. It was and I went.

Stepping out from the bus terminal, this bridge beckons me to get a better view.

A better view it is.

Chuncheon bus terminal

Interesting sculpture in front of the Kyobo Insurance building.

Nam (South) Chuncheon Station
In September 2011, 3 friends and I came to this station to get to Ocean World during Chuseok.

Very inviting.

Oh, I must visit!
But I need some antihistamine first.

Naked boy and fish,
Whatever floats your boat.

Nice pedestrian-friendly bridge.

Looking at the same bridge, but the other side and on the river shore.

Looking away from the bridge.

Like a visual echo, of sorts.

Two roads diverged in a (green) wood . . .

Gotta stop and admire the flowers.

Path along the river, with another bridge within sight . . .
I love this place.

Oh! Wavy bridge!

They like fish.

Ah, the swan boats (not just for couples, as I mistakenly thought).

Looking back after crossing the wavy bridge.
Running across a few times would be a great work-out.

A memorial dedicated to the Ethiopian soldiers who fought and died during the Korean War.

Nice rest area/park I arrived at once I crossed the wavy/hilly bridge.

How must this tunnel be during the spring?
Please tell me they decorate it with flowers . . . 

Musical fountain.

As high as the water got.

Boy enjoying the water pressure.

Small hiking course.
I'll go on it later.

Wow, people literally camp here.

It was a lot of fun watching these kids enjoy the water--and being kids.

Don't drink it!

One more look at the fountain.

Yey! Options for lunch!

Chuncheon Public Library
(I needed to use the restroom)

Autumn foliage in scarlet

Remember the wooden sign for a trail? I went up that same one. Just I started at the other end (from the library). Here is the path if you start from the library.

This is how you know you're at the top.

This is your reward for making it up there.

Basking in the sun--and the rewarding scenery.


Focusing on the mountains.

Even the clouds were worth it to me.

Now it's time to go down to the musical fountain.

It gets slippery.
I already slipped 3 times by the time I saw this sign.

There's the sign, on the tree at the far left.
I'd rather hike up this piece than down it.
Mental note for next time.

The rest area/park by the hilly bridge has a path that goes along the river, just the other side from where I came.
This is said path along the river.

Looking down the path.

Is this gorgeous, or is this Gorgeous?

The museum dedicated to the Ethiopian soldiers who fought and died in the Korean War.

Sculpture Park sign,

Hmm, if it's not too late, this may be worth checking out.

My favorite sculpture, although I don't quite understand it.

What do you think of these?


Info about said water clock

Looking at it from a different angle.

Water effects

Water clock from yet another angle.

The water clock is in here.

Hmm, interesting, yet not sure what it means.

This is literally the 2nd time I've seen kids climb a tree in Korea.
Tragic, the lack of childhood.

Lovely bike road beside the river.

Off to the museum of Ethiopia.

Self-explaining plaque.

List of those who died.

I appreciate how they have the Ge'ez script.

I typed the Korean in Google Translate (not the best tool, fyi) and got:
"Appearance of Ethiopian tribe"

Is this correct?

I just hope and pray they have all of the information on display correct.

Map of Ethiopia.

Lovely mural on the ceiling.

Gives a glimpse into the Ethiopian culture and heritage.
I wish there were more signs--in English.

Ethiopian cafe just beside the museum.

and the swan boats just behind the cafe, on the river/lake.

Apparently there's a scenic route over there.
I'll try to check it out next time.

Starving, off to lunch--at "Ramos Burgers"

From my table (in a corner) looking out to the rest of the restaurant.

Around the corner from my seat/table.
The entrance/exit is at the far left, behind the plants.

Ok, so I was intrigued by the name "Ramos." That's Hispanic. A Korean worker came to me in pretty good English to explain the menu (very different). Later, imagine my surprise when I found out this same Korean is not only the owner (no surprise), but also, indeed, "Ramos" (BIG surprise). He then explained that was the name he gave himself when he traveled through Mexico one time. His Spanish is pretty good, too! It wasn't until later that I realized that's a family name, not a given name. Oh well. I didn't get the full story anyway, so I may be missing something.
Oh yeah, and one of the employees also speaks Spanish! He's a student in a university there in Chuncheon. I'll need to go back and say "hola" to these guys again.

Oh yeah, you probably want to see what I ate . . .

That mountain on my plate is supposed to be a burger. Forgot the name, but it has avocado. I was sold. Still not too sure about the pineapple though (it's buried under the cheese in the picture). Too bad the avocado had no taste. Oh, and this "cider" they gave me was kinda off. I was expecting Chilsung Cider. Oh well, I'll try to be more precise next time.

Chuncheon Sports Town (sign).

Back to that "Fairy Tale Cat Cafe"
Here's the general info.
A little steeper (and stricter) than what I've experienced.
Might go anyway, though--once I've got antihistamine.

For you spa lovers . . .

This is actually more of a sauna, than what we think of a spa (in the States).

So that's the conclusion of my trip to Chuncheon, almost 2 weeks ago.

Next destination: Gyeongju!

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