Thursday, October 2, 2014

횡성 한우 축제 Hoengseong Korean Beef Festival, Day 1 (Oct. 1)

**Hey, I was working on my Gyeongju post, but I think I should include this one first.**

From Oct. 1 (Wed.) -5 (Sun.) is Hoengseong's Hanu (Korean beef) Festival. This is hands down the biggest event in Hoengseong. Granted, I've been here since Feb. 26, but it has been the biggest thing since I've been here for sure.

Let me give you an idea of how it's like from the few pics I was able to gather. . .

Cute cows pointing the way.

Banners and flags all around
(I believe the flags are for Foundation Day--Oct. 3rd--as opposed to this festival. They always put them up for national holidays.)

The Hoengseong stadium.
I thought something was happening here, but no; they were just using the parking.

I didn't know this stadium had it's own "Olympic torch"!

Were these the fireworks they set off at 22:00 that evening?
I live at the opposite edge of town, but I heard them and it sounded like a major battle.

What? They have shuttle buses?!

The main festival grounds are along the river (going through Hoengseong in the direction of Chuncheon). Here are several tents and the stage.

Looking along the other side. So many tents/booths.

Even along the road beside the river . . .

From here, you can kind of see that the tents extend even beyond this side of the river.

The stage.

3 of my Gabcheon Middle School girls!

The host/presenter.

Live performance.
My students informed me that Crayon Pop (K-pop girl group) will perform Friday night, and AOA (K-pop girl group) will perform Saturday night. Or maybe it's the other way around . . . either way, they're coming to perform in Hoengseong.

There are TONS to do!

I had dinner with a friend elsewhere. After dinner, I continued exploring.

At the post office: a shuttle bus stop!

They've got plenty of stuff to keep the kids busy!

There were a ton of people at the stage too.

There's more and it continues to the other side of the river, as previously stated.

They even have the live version of what the festival is all about!

Cute calf with protective mother.

Many cows mooing through the entire event.

Pretty old-looking bull.

Cute lighted boats on the water.

Seriously people . . . really?

Lights along the night,

There were at least 3 bridges connecting the 2 "festival grounds."

I really liked this one.

Plenty of lighted toys/objects.

Whoa . . . looks like all of Hoengseong is here, plus friends.

This is along the road between the river and the stadium.

Selling everything: books, CDs, . . .

. . . bowls and tableware . . .

Even fortune-tellers/face-readers.

Mangos? But I didn't see a price.
Be very careful. Fruit is not generally cheap in Korea.

So that's a look into this Hanu festival in my town. If you're around this weekend, come and check it out. Definitely bigger and better than I expected. Maybe we can even meet . . .

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