Monday, February 19, 2018

Lotte World Tower (2. - 4. Feb.)

The first weekend of February, a friend of mine and I went up Lotte World Tower.
That building is no joke! It has a mall at its base, then a hotel, aquarium, residential apartments, offices, and then an observatory. Sheesh! This building is its own city! Like those futuristic buildings where no one ever goes outside because there's no need.

Olympics at Seoul Station on Friday night.

Did you know Lotte World Tower is among the 10 tallest buildings in the world?
You know how I love heights.
It's only a matter of time before I paid this tower a visit.
And to think they opened their doors back in April 2017! It's very new!

The elevator ride up. Look at the numbers. The top number is the floor, and the bottom number is the height in meters.

What you can see from that angle.

Lotte World, Korea's "Disneyland"

All of Olympic Park. I was staying just beyond this park.

Olympic Bridge (middle bridge) over the Han River.

Yours truly with Soohorang (tiger) and Bandabi (bear)

That's 486 meters (1,595 feet) above the ground.
I LOVED this!

Some funky light thing happening on the glass floor.

Christmas tree?

Oh! Outdoor section! Too bad it was closed. Probably too windy.

I liked the lines.

WHAT?! After 1 YEAR?!

Yes sir-y, after 1 year. At least they warn their customers.

"Christmas tree" with Seoul and Han River in the background.

The elevator ride down. Epic.

Lotte World Tower has 3 Guinness World Records!

Oh yes, this tower was definitely worth the trip!
This is one I'd definitely say I'd go to again. Of course, it's always better with good company.

I thought I'd share a short video made of pictures and videos I took while at Lotte World Tower.
Don't expect anything high-tech. It's really basic. The text is also in Spanish.

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