Monday, February 12, 2018

Taiwan 11: Train ride to Kaohsiung (19. Jan. '18)

At Hualien Train Station

After a remarkable morning at Taroko National Park, I arrived at Hualien Train Station about an hour or so before my train was scheduled to leave. I picked up a few snacks at the convenience store for my "lunch" and "dinner," found a seat, sat down, and waited.

Thanks to the unlimited data I got, I called a few people as I waited for the train.

Interesting to see this sign--and a man sitting beside it.

I had a funny situation. My train from Hualien to Kaohsiung was direct, but I had to change seats (even cars) a couple of times. I don't remember the exact cars and seats, but I know I changed twice. The 1st change was to an entirely different car. The 2nd change was to the seat right next to mine! Go figure.

Inside the train, my 1st car. Never saw that kind of opening before.

From a train right beside mine at a station we stopped at.

Short clip of one of those themed trains.

Except for the scenery, there was really nothing that stood out to me. Even the landscape I couldn't really take a full glimpse of, because we were going in and out of tunnels.

Arriving at my hostel in Kaohsiung

So I arrived at Kaohsiung Main Station. Fortunately, it was connected to the MRT and 1 stop from my hostel (Formosa Boulevard MRT Station, Exit 1).
I found Trip GG Hostel and checked in. Once that was done, I asked about an important topic: laundry.
They have a washer and dryer and stop running them from 20:00. It was around 18:30 and I was desperate for clean clothes. I literally had a clean set of underwear, 1 clean pair of pants, and 1 clean pair of socks. That was it. To my advantage, they had Western-size towels so I could use that as a "top."
The lady at the counter did me a favor. Seeing the guests washer and dryer were still going, she let me use the staffs' washer and dryer (I paid for them, of course). I was SOOO happy! We tried waiting for the guest's washer to finish--so I took a nice long shower as I waited. When I came out, and it was still going, was when I was allowed to use the staff washer and dryer. Thank you so much, Trip GG Hostel! Oh, that made my night! I didn't think I slept as well then entire trip as I did that night!

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