Sunday, February 24, 2013

(Real) Snow in Jeju (19. Feb.)

On Feb. 19th, I saw real snow on Jeju Island! I say "real" snow because the snow was quite a few centimeters (a few inches) deep. It didn't stay for long, but for the time it was there, I had to get my camera and capture this beautiful scenery my eyes were able to behold.

Walking from my apartment to the institute. This is the park between the institute and my apartment.

Flowers and snow.

Holding the snow (from below)

Snow frosting

Just look at this.

Looking at the institute from an entrance of the park.

Before the kids came and had their jumbo snowball fight(s).

The gazebo 

I love how snow falls on the trees.

Just to get an idea of how long this bike has been here.

Different variances of snow fall on the tree.

Almost monochromatic 

See the thickness of snow on the car?

From the teachers' staff room, looking at the park.

A few early "pedestrians"

At the district court. 

Something that really got me, was tropical plants covered in snow. Let me show you . . .

Ah! The Dolharubang (stone grandfather) with snow!

Finally, Halla Mountain from my apartment window.

As you can probably imagine, the snow is all gone now, but it made for a breath-taking scene of virgin white--even if only for a while. I'm grateful.

oh, did I mention this is currently my last weekend in Jeju?

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