Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gangneung again (2. Nov.)

I was invited by a friend from the SDA church in Hoengseong to go with her and one of her students (plus family) to Gangneung. I was actually available and went.

I've been to Gangneung before, and I found it very interesting how this time around, I saw everything I didn't see last time--plus a few other things I hadn't seen any other time either! Perfect!

First stop: Ojukheon
This was the home and birthplace of a famous mother (Saimdang, 1504-1551) and son (Yulgok, 1536-1584), whom you see on the 50,000 and 5,000 Korean Won notes respectively.

Info about the home.

I liked this touch on the lanterns.

The reason for the home's name: Black bamboo.

The family who graciously let my friend invite me (they invited her).

Past the gate in the previous picture, you get this.

From the far end of the property, looking at the gate we came in.

Always a photo moment available.

Okay, I'll join the bandwagon.

Just look at how well kept this place is!

Who knew they had transition lenses back then?

Over 500-year-old snowshoes and skis.

The lady herself, in her large statue form.

Love the streetlights with the golden autumn.

2nd stop: Gyeongpodae Pavilion
It's beside the Thomas Edison Museum.

I still love the architecture and colors as though it were my first time seeing it.

Thanks Ira!

Down to the beach

They just renovated this area. It was under construction when I was there.
This is my friend's student's daughter. English name? Alice.

What a beautiful day to be at a beach (without going in)!

For a long while, lunch, transfer, what have you. I put my camera away.
Then we arrived at a temple in Yangyang: Naksansa

Map and info.

Just info.

Now we're in.

Typical from any temple on a mountain: clean and pure spring water--plus drinking ladles.

A lookout gazebo.

What a view indeed.

Interesting water fountain.

Looking back at the gazebo.

Tiny shrine.

Hmm, impressive location.

The major temple.

Coy fish plus other smaller fish.


View inside the temple.
Impressive and scary.

Statue at the top of the mountain.

View towards the Southeast.

Loved this 


Better view of the northwest.

Towards the exit.

Another gate, nicely highlighted by the setting sun.

Hey, there's got to be something tacky everywhere you go.

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