Monday, March 10, 2014

Random incomplete info about department stores in Seoul

Yesterday (Sunday, March 9), I made my way to Seoul for 2.5 reasons:

1. Deliver an order to my friend who asked me to bring it from the States--and lives in Seoul
2. Said friend would take me to Costco
2.5 To figure out how to get to Seoul from Hoengseong

I was able to accomplish the 1st and last, but not the 2nd. We were so upset when we arrived and saw it was closed.

There was a sign that said Costco will be closed every 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.

We thought we'd cross the street and try HomePlus. Also closed. I didn't see a sign for how often it would be closed. 

Well, fortunately E-Mart was nearby. Unfortunately, it too was closed. There was a sign in front of E-Mart that said it will be closed the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

Bottom line: If you want to do some (grocery) shopping in either E-Mart, HomePlus, or Costco in Seoul, DO NOT go the 2nd Sunday of any month!

I don't know about LotteMart (hence the word "incomplete" in the title), but I'd expect it to be closed as well.

I'm pretty sure this is an incentive from the local government in order to help out the local/small businesses.

Read and be forewarned . . .

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