Friday, March 21, 2014

Summary at the End of Week 3

Wow, this week flew by.

I figured I'd share a few experiences I had this week. This blog is, after all, a kind of online journal that I'm sharing with the world . . . 

On Sunday, I went off, thoroughly exploring Hoengseong. I started around 10:00 and was pooped by 15:30-ish. I believe I have now seen about 90-95% of my town. Yeah, it's that small; but I love it. 

There were other things I was able to do besides exploring, finding my way around, and developing my own mental map of Hoengseong. I came to the new Hoengseong Culture & Sports complex. It was huge and beautiful. It inspired frequent visits. I got to look inside the library and found an "ok" selection of books in English--as well as other languages, mostly Asian. I asked if I could get a library card. After showing my ARC, the receptionist took out a form, filled some and told me where to fill my part, and I got a card! Sweet! There were a few things we wanted to say. Thank GOD and technology for I kid you not, we used that to communicate a few points for 3 minutes or so.
After checking out the Hoengseong Culture & Sports complex, I continued my exploration. At one point I was quite hungry. I was by the catholic church when I noticed a sign that said "Agape Restaurant." "Agape?" I thought, "that's Greek." Curiosity got me in its grasp and didn't let me go. The inside was definitely romantic date-worthy. The menu was not too big, although I couldn't eat most of the food because it had either pork or seafood other than fish. So my options were narrowed down to 3: fish cutlets, kimchi fried rice, or kimchi fried rice with cheese. I was basically convinced to try the fish cutlets. That was a wise decision. It turned out to be a 3-course meal--and for \7,000 (4.69 Euros/ USD $6.47)! Yeap, soup, salad, and then the main course, oh and tea to finish. That was the biggest bang I ever got for 7,000 Won. Now I know where to take people if I wanna treat them to some place nice.
After lunch, I continued my excursion. By 15:00+ I had just about come around full circle and was kinda tired. I was also reminded that it was market day. So I went around and got some strawberries, tangerines, and a pair of comfortable walking shoes. I was wearing my boots from excavating in Israel, so they weren't the most comfortable, but they were the most comfortable and durable from what I had. Hence, the need to buy walking shoes. I've got a pair, but they're still in the States, waiting to be sent to Korea. I still need to get my address over to my family. Will do that today.

Alright, that was Sunday. Now during the week I had 2 impromptu adventures. Here's the 1st.

Tuesday. I finish my time at the high school. I see the bus coming is going to Wonju. There's a bank I need to visit in Wonju. I searched for it online and I have an idea where it is. I decided to take that bus to Wonju, thinking it would go in the direction I wanted. I was wrong. It went another direction and ended up at the Wonju Bus Terminal. 
Well, I was there, so I might as well look around to become familiar with the place. At least now I know how to get there and how to get back home.

Here's the 2nd.
Thursday. I finish my time at the elementary school. I wait longer than usual for the bus, but eventually it arrives. It's going to Wonju. I thought the same as Tuesday and decided to take it to Wonju. Then I discovered it wasn't the bus I thought. Too late. Well, let's see where it takes me. The bus is getting packed and the windows are fogged, so I couldn't really see how it was outside. I was able to hear "bus terminal" on the speakers, so I thought I'd get off there. Yeap, it took me to the same bus terminal from Tuesday. At least one of my high school students got off too and started talking with me. Her English must be the best from the entire school! I really enjoyed our short chat. I also saw a LotteMart and a department store (in the West, a multi-level mall or shopping center). So, I walked around some more then went back to the bus terminal, and ended up returning home the same way as I did on Tuesday.

So yeah, now it's Friday.
I'm planning on going to church tonight for vespers, and then choir practice right after. This won't be my 1st time in a Korean choir, not understanding anything until the action is done and all I can do is follow. Yet still, it'll be interesting. We'll see just how interesting it will be.

Hey! Stop snoring! I'm done! The end!!


  1. Hi Joann,

    This is Nikki. My husband and I just accepted a teaching position at an English Center run by Seongnam Elementary School in Hoengseung county. We are trying to find as much information as possible about the place we will be living. I know you don't know me, but I would love to chat me if you're willing.

    Thanks so much,


    1. Hello Nikki,

      sure! I'd be glad to help. Feel free to reply to this with your email (I'll delete the message after I get your email) and I'll email you back.