Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Winter Vacation '18_Part 1: Jeju (13.-16. Jan. '18)

"Vacation's all I ever wanted..." 

Do you know that 80s song?

After my 2-week English Winter Camp at my main school, it was time for my week-long winter vacation!
Man, was I ready! Don't get me wrong. I liked my camp and loved seeing the students get really into it, but everyone needs a break to do their own thing.

Technically, my break was 5 days long because the schools don't count weekends. Wait, so my vacation was only 5 days? Screw that! I need to get the weekends involved too!

Which I did.

Close-call to Jeju

I was not aware that I might not be able to start my vacation until my co-teachers brought it up. Apparently, a ton of snow was dumped onto Jeju Island. It got to the point that the international airport closed Thursday night, leaving about 3,000 passengers stranded overnight.
That's a problem.
They checked right then and there for me. Fortunately, the airport was open and running again that day--Friday. My flight to Jeju was scheduled the following (Saturday) morning. That was close, but I was able to fly as expected, without the slightest hiccup. *Whew* 

Piles of sleeping mats used in Jeju International Airport, just one night and two days ago.

Mini-Reunion in Jeju SDA International Church

From the airport, I took a taxi directly to Jeju SDA International Church--where I used to work and worship for 1 year about 6 years (!) ago. 
I visited before, during the summer this past August. Strange thing: in August, I left just as the sermon was going to begin. This time, I arrived just in time for church (which was my plan). I got to see some of the same church members who were there when I was there. Just like any other place, Time took its course. Some moved away, others moved in. The children I remembered were much older--some even about to enter university! Man, I never felt my white strands of hair as I did then.

The institute/church/etc., just a block behind the district court.

My hostel in Jeju

At around 16:00, I wanted to go check-in to my hostel. I chose Greenday Guesthouse in Jeju City (not for the band) for the location. I was familiar with the area. I knew it was quiet and that it was not far from Jeju City Hall (took me about 10 minutes to walk it), where I'd meet most of the people I was going to see.
I do not regret staying there.

Entrance, plus bathroom under the stairs for those needing it after 23:00.

Wanna know the policies? Here they are, in English and 한국어로.

My single room. I wanted to be alone in a hostel room for once.

Three nights in this room cost me a total of 78,300 KRW.

The breakfast included toast, cereal, milk, juice, jam, 1 egg per person, and 미역국 (Miyeok-gug, seaweed soup, an excellent source of iron).
They have a library I was not able to enjoy. Most of the books were in Korean, but there was one in English, but it was way bigger than The Bible, and I knew I was not going to read it all during my stay.
Most importantly, they have 1 thing that is always a nice extra in any hostel I stay in . . .

Why was it so serious though? The girls working there said it was sick, but it still had the energy to climb onto the top bunk of their beds . . . 

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