Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sabbath in Hoengseong (17. May)

I stayed home this weekend. I needed to give myself a break from traveling (and spending). Here are some more snapshots of my town:

I'm standing on a spot about a 5-min. walk from my apartment.

How many colors can you see on that mountain?

Here's the lower level of the river-walk, which goes along the river.

Here's the upper level, along the road.

a 360-degree panoramic shot from the spot I took the previous picture.

What's any park in Korea without free out-door exercise equipment?

If you can read Korean, you'd see this is the name of my town . . .
. . . but you can also see the cow's face, right?
Did I mention I love optical illusions?

The river-walk from the bridge that crosses said river.

The sunset, taken from the other side of the bridge, where I took the previous picture.

A little bit of nature I wanted to capture.

Same, but slightly brighter

Remember the round-about with the waving political candidate in the yellow jacket? Same round-about, but it's facing the left of that picture.



From the park between the major bus stop entering Hoengseong and my place.
Just in case all the beef restaurants and icons weren't enough clues to know what this town is known for . . .

Who knew? A mini-library in the park!
You know education is important in this country.

The playground.

A romantic arch-way.
Personally I'd prefer more greenery. Let's see how it looks at other times of the year.

The back of my apartment.
See the window on the 1st floor between the 2 trees? That's where my washing machine is. If you looked in, you'd see my dining-room/kitchen.

Hmm . . . "why?"

I don't remember seeing these kinds of flowers before.

This and the previous picture really don't to them justice.

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