Monday, May 26, 2014

Sunday Excursion

Yesterday (Sunday), after meeting my language-exchange friend, I went out on my own kind of excursion.

1st stop: Wonju Hoengseong Airport (원주 횡성 공항)

I wanted to book the plane ticket to Jeju for my summer vacation. Doing it online was a drag, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and buy it at the airport. It worked! I've never done this before, but I've heard of it done.

That's the entire airport, minus the runway (still don't know where that is).

Inside, from the snack bar/ restroom side, facing the other extreme of the airport.

Looking back at the door I came in through, plus the library & tv beside that entrance/exit.

Now, the other side of the airport, facing the snack bar & restrooms.

When you go through departures, that's where everyone goes.
Did I mention there's only 1 flight out & 1 flight in per day?

The library, entrance/exit, and snack bar.

I wasn't able to study the menu, but it all seemed a tad overpriced. It is an airport, after all.

The arrivals gate. This I took standing in front of the door to the ladies' restroom.

So that's the airport!

Afterwards, I went to Wonju to update my KEB bankbook. I was hungry so I decided to check out Hans Deli which was nearby. This is one of my favorite chains in Korea. I'm sorry for vegetarians, 'cause they barely have anything for you. But for everyone else. you can find something. 

My spicy stir-fried rice with chicken, scrambled eggs, fries, a tiny bowl of fruit and ketchup, as well as a blue lemonade. It was a bit spicier than I would've liked, but still ok.

To walk off the meal, I went over to an old area (I really don't know what it's called. I couldn't see a sign and I didn't ask).

One of the main gates.

Beside the gate, at the other gate.
This is a local funeral shrine made to honor the Sewol-ho ferry disaster victims.

The shrine.

Tons of yellow ribbon.

I'm guessing an old map of Wonju from a millennium back or so.

Panoramic shot of how it looks like when you step inside.

Afterwards, I went around the shopping area (just beside and across the street from the Sewol-ho shrine) and found a pair of long shorts I could get into for less than $10! Not the best looking, but they will be very necessary in the approaching summer.

In the same store, however, I found an item that disturbed me a bit. I've never seen this style before: have you?

Why a split crotch? Are there women who want to have sex without taking their panties off?
What can I say; I'm a virgin, I'm ignorant of these things.

Alrighty then . . . back in Hoengseong, went to the convenience store to get something to take the spicy away and I saw this:

Ok, here's the English on the back:

Wow! I remember drinking these all the time in the States!
Hey, they're not kidding with that "Sweet" label--it's much sweeter than what I remember the American ones tasting like; although it could be I've become more sensitive to sweet things since I don't eat/drink them as much anymore.

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