Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Chuseok 2017, Day 3-1: Macau--Breakfast - Macau Tower (4. Oct.)

Shew, last day in Macau already? There were still a few more places I wanted to see.
So I had a sprained ankle; that wasn't going to stop me!

If you noticed, I mentioned Couchsurfing and that I was staying with a hostess.
Couchsurfing is where a traveler can request to be hosted by someone who lives wherever the traveler is going to--for free. Of course, be a good guest and bring a gift, cook for your host, or do something to show your appreciation and not be a burden.
This was my first time Couchsurfing, and I am so glad I did it.
Naturally, be careful and practice discretion. I was contacted by a lady who said she could host me, but I didn't get a good vibe from her incomplete profile without any references. Also, I sent her a message, and she never replied. Next!

So my host decided to take me to a typical Chinese restaurant for breakfast (and finally have some dim sum!), go back to the traditional Chinese doctor, then let me go to check out all the rest I wanted to see before catching my ferry to Hong Kong at 15:45 that afternoon.

This post will cover half of this day.

My awesome hostess let me do my laundry at her place and hang-dry my clothes during the night on her balcony. It was around 28-29 Celsius at night, so that was no problem. I finally got to see the view from her balcony, and I was surprised (but not surprised) to see what was there:

Museum of Macau from my hostess' balcony.
All ready and packed, off to breakfast!

There was much more, but I was too hungry to remember to take pictures. Sorry.
I don't remember what everything was, but I did have some sort of chicken dim sum and other stuff. All delicious.

Full stomach, now off to the doctor again.

Another look at Senado Square.

The traditional Chinese medicine clinic

My doctor, explaining something to my friend, to interpret to me.
Fortunately, the massage didn't hurt as much this time. Around the half-way point was when it started to hurt, but it was still better than yesterday.

The moment it started to hurt again.

This was when my hostess and I split ways. I went to check out one of the places I wanted to go to very badly: Macau Tower.

360-degree view of the major bus transfer stop

At the entrance to Macau Tower, a guardian lion

Oh, ok. I didn't expect this.

Let me go walk around outside...

Oh, men carrying a dragon boat on their shoulders.

Macau Tower
While I was out there, I saw someone (apparently) test out the Sky Jump (a "safer," less intense version of the bungee jump where you fall feet first).
Whoa, that seemed intense.

Whoa, that is quite high.

At the ticketing counter, a bungee-jumping teddy bear.

Got the ticket, went up to the observation deck on the 58th floor, and went straight to the plexiglass floor...

WHOA... That is HIGH!

So this is how it's like to be 223 meters (731 ft./244 yds) above the ground.

Looking towards the old downtown area of Macau.

The observation deck.

Ah, for good ol' comparison.

If you go 3 floors higher, you'll reach the adventure deck on the 61st floor. This is where you can bungee-jump, sky jump, skywalk, or climb up the remaining 100 meters (109 yds/328 ft. to the very top of the pinnacle at the top).

Adventurers doing the Skywalk.

There's even a "you can sit here" sticker.

I REALLY want to try that! Too bad money and time were against me.

Where you get suited up for whatever you choose to do.

Yeap, even kids.

Celebrities that have come and jumped off.

Macau isn't the only place with this kind of tower.

You don't see that every day.

I guess this is to see the falling people.

For more info, click on AJ Hackett Macau Tower.

Whoa . . . That's a pretty cool bird's eye view . . .

Have I mentioned that I love heights?

One day, I'll return and do the Skywalk . . . LORD-willing.

That's enough for this post.
Next post will be about my adventure to the Macau/China border and the ferry ride to Hong Kong.

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