Sunday, October 1, 2017

Random Spottings (Masan & Jinhae Marine Park)

Whoops, I forgot about these pictures...

I was walking along the bay within minutes from my place, and came to this area:

panoramic shot

Looking towards Masan City

A pair of fisher boats.

That was just a random walk.

Then, I randomly stepped inside a Japanese restaurant called: Haruya (하루야)
It seemed ok, and I enjoyed the food (wow, so detailed, eh?).
I found a website about this place, but it's in Korean. You can click here anyway, though.

My order of chicken cutlet (Chicken Katsu)

About 2 Sabbaths ago (Sept. 16?), I went with the youth of the local church on an outing in the afternoon. I don't know the name of the first place we went, but the second place was Changwon Marine Park (formerly known as Jinhae Marine Park).

We honestly didn't bother with going inside. We just wanted to check out the bridge that was right behind the park.
The bridge

The stormy weather at the site (a typhoon was coming).

On the bridge.

Whoa, it was windy.

Very windy.

Looking back at the marine park.

See the zigzagging trails on the hill?

Bridge + Changwon Marine Park 
Changwon Marine Park - Bridge

There's a small fishermen's village on the other side of the bridge, with restaurants and bed and breakfasts and such.
A typhoon was going to pass by (well, more like we were going to feel the effects of a typhoon as it was on its way to Japan), so it was best to leave.

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