Thursday, October 12, 2017

Chuseok 2017, Day 4-2: Hong Kong--Big Bus Tour 1: More Explorations on Kowloon - Symphony of Lights Show (5. Oct.)

So I got on the bus after the experiencing the greatness that is Sky 100.
I think it would be awesome to be there as the sun sets and night crawls in. There was a sign signaling when sunset would be. That's definitely an idea for next time (if that ever happens).

So yes, back on the bus to finish the blue route.

I see it's not just rednecks who keep their Christmas lights up all year long.

Korean Chuseok coincided with China day.
All along Nathan Road, you could see these signs celebrating 68 years of China's rule.

Nathan Road.

Fewer people. That's cool.

I got off at Langham Place (stop 12) to find Mong Kok and the other shopping areas. I was looking for souvenirs and street food.

Real authentic coconut water--from a coconut!

For 20 HKD ($2.56 USD). That was refreshing.

The coconut vendor.

The egg waffles! I've been looking for you for ages!

Like the waffle makers in American hotels, just messier.

You have to go in, pay, take a receipt, and wait in another line to get your waffle.

Here it comes, here it comes.

It was ok, not amazing. Glad I tried it though.

Next: stinky tofu!

True, it did stink; but it tasted like regular tofu--kinda bland.
Mine was steaming hot, so I guess I burned my tongue a bit and couldn't really taste it.
Still worth trying. This was 10 HKD (1.28 USD).

Best with the "Dried Plum Sauce."
I'm going to assume that "v" was supposed to be an "r."
There were 2 other sauces to try, a sweet sauce and mustard (I think, didn't get to that one). I understood why this "dried plum sauce" bottle was almost empty.
Sheesh, I should've gotten a second stinky tofu. Next time.

The stinky tofu vendor.

Wanna buy goldfish? Or any other kind of pet fish?

Back to the clock tower at the harbor.

Wow, Hong Kong has some really nice lights.

I decided to wait for the Symphony of Lights show here.

What do you know, a junk boat right here!

A blue junk boat?

A stolen moment from the Symphony of Lights show.

Shew, I had no idea how popular this show was. Ok, so it is the longest-running sound and lights show in the world--and it's free. Then again, this was a major holiday weekend in China, but most of the tourists there were not Chinese.
Oh wait, this is Hong Kong. Silly me, I forgot.
I don't know all the Chinese languages (only heard of Mandarin & Cantonese), but other than those and English, the foreign language I heard most often was German. Even when I road a boat the next day, there were 5 other people with me--all German!
That was very interesting.

Anyway, I got a pretty good "seat" (on a handrail) of the show. Now I can say I've seen it. I can also say I'm glad it was free.

Well, this was a nice long day. Time to use my free return ticket on the ferry back to Hong Kong Island, and back to my hostel.

The ferry ride back at night.

Sky 100 at night.

I'm sorry none of my night pictures were sharp enough. Please forgive me.

The footbridge back to the city center.

I've never seen a backpack like that before.

Aww, my favorite alarm clock on my bed.
Well, for tomorrow, the green route (Aberdeen & Stanley Tour), and random trip up to Hong Kong/Shenzhen, China border (me and borders, what can I say?).

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