Thursday, October 12, 2017

Chuseok 2017, Day 4-1: Hong Kong--Big Bus Tour 1: Bus Start - Sky100 (5. Oct.)

Alright! I'm in Hong Kong, on my own, with no kind and available local to guide me around (unlike in Macau). What can I do?
I got a map and saw an ad for the Big Bus Tour. I thought this was perfect and decided to get the Premium Ticket. This ticket was valid for two days, and I got vouchers for a free round-trip ferry ride, free Sampan ride, and free entry to either the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak (not worth it) or the Sky100 Observation Deck (totally worth it).

I'll share about each of those as I get to them.

My roommates' and my wake-up call. I was thrilled.

Whoa, how does that work?

On my way to Central Pier to board the Big Bus.
I paid for my premium Big Bus ticket at the nearest 711 to my hostel. You just need to change the receipt to the booklet with the tickets/vouchers when you get to a Big Bus stop (or the Central Pier?).

I decided to go through the red route first (the way that goes through the city center in Hong Kong Island).

On the top level of a full bus, ready to go.

Notice the earphones? There's a running commentary on the tour in 10 languages. This was an excellent opportunity for me to listen to German and Spanish again--English is always there.

Very crowded footbridge. Love that system.

2 of the 8,000 skyscrapers in Hong Kong.

A Gucci tram? Ok, if it makes them happy.

An Anglican church in Chinese style.

One of the oldest standing buildings.
I hopped off once on the red route: at the Mid-Levels Escalator (stop 7, if you're interested).
So this one was broken. Next!

Looking back at the escalators ridden.

Map and where I was at that moment.

Good idea! Nice color to differentiate it from the trash too.

At the end/top.

So, how do I get back to the Big Bus again? I went up over a kilometer, and I don't know how many meters in escalators. Besides, I'm the kind who wants to return a different way from how I came.

Alright, let me get back on at the Peak Tram (stop 6).

Ah, so no automatic cars here, eh?

This was a fun footbridge, just under the cars.
I came across the entrance to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens.
Meh, why not go through it? Make my way back to the bus a little more scenic.

This makes me realize just how global WWII was.

THANK YOU for helping out tourists like me!

Well, I finished the red (Hong Kong Island Tour) route, now off to the next one: The blue (Kowloon Tour) route. Only one thing: Kowloon is across the bay, so I should either cross via MTR or ferry. Thank you Big Bus tours for providing complimentary round-trip tickets for the ferry!

Just starting the ferry ride.

Victoria Harbor from a ferry crossing it.

Clock Tower

On the bus again riding through Nathan Road.

Is that a train up there?

This feels way more authentic than the skyscrapers across the harbor.

Now is the time I got off at stop 14 of the blue route: Sky 100 Hong Kong.
This is not like Macau Tower, although I do want to return to that one.
The ticket counter is on the first floor, and the entrance is on the second floor. I did not know this until I was there, but apparently, the base is a luxury mall. Who knew?
Anywho, the elevator will take you from the 2nd - 100th floor (observation deck) in 60 seconds. That means, your ears will be popping on the way up and down.
Still really fun, though!

Panorama of the observation deck, back to the windows.

393 meters (430 yds/1,289 ft.). That's all?

If you download their app, you get access to a whole lot more.

WHOA! Feel dizzy yet?

This doesn't do being there justice.

One of several photo opportunities.

The line for virtual reality experience.

Never saw this kind of "You are here" sign before.

Hmm, you bet my wheels are turning with this one.

If you were there, this would take your breath away.
Way too cool (the view, not me).

Of course, a cafe/eating area on the Westside.

Why don't they make a skywalk here?
I think I see the ferries coming in from Macau.

Towards the West--see the airplane?
While I was there, the East wing was closed off to tourists.
According to a sign by the elevators, there was a wedding reception going on.
They must've been loaded to afford that!
Then again, how cool would that have been?

The reason why the east wing was closed off to the public.

Back on the bus, Sky100 towering over me.
There's more to share--in the next post.

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