Thursday, February 12, 2015

Busy day at Kumamoto (25. Jan.)

Sunday morning. Leave Kagoshima. Get back to Kumamoto. Meet Victoria (met her my last time) Lunch. Karaoke. Cat cafe. Bible study group. Onzen. Sushi restaurant. Greg's place. Give him his stuff from Korea (as well as his stuff in my bags). Crash (him in his bed, me on the futon on the other side of the place).

Hectic day? The most hectic day of my entire trip is what it was!
But still good.

Really didn't take many pictures that day, only of lunch and the cat cafe.

Authentic Chicken Tonkatsu
The bowl with lid contains Miso soup.

In the bowl are sesame seeds and 2 kinds of sauces. Apparently, this is so you can make your own sauce according to your personal taste--including crushing the sesame seeds as much as you like. Oh yeah, this is for the Tonkatsu.

So, we three went to the cat cafe, but it was full. So we went to karaoke, giving time for the crowds to dissipate. When we did arrive, there was a place for us--and the cats were napping.

One of the newer ones. I believe he is about 90% blind, but he can take care of himself.

I see all the cats I saw last time were adopted, and new ones were brought in. That's what they do here.

Who can resist a cute napping cat?

My green tea latte
You pay a fee to enter the cafe, and it includes a choice of drinks. This was mine. I love the cute little detail. Well done!

The cat whisperer working his magic in waking up the cats--with kitty treats.
Oh, that cat in the forefront is the owner's personal cat. Hence the collar, to let all the others know this cat has an owner and is not up for adoption.

Whew! Then it's off to the Bible study group. I really liked them; almost make me want to return, just to be in their group again. The onsen was great, but we had to rush a bit to make it to the sushi restaurant (the same one with the conveyor belt from last time).

It was a crazy-busy day, but good day. I'm so glad I could get rid of Greg's stuff and finally have my bags all to myself. Don't get me wrong, I brought him some snacks he requested from Korea and I'll gladly do it again, but walking from here to there with a carry-on and backpack--both bulging so much, I'm surprised the zipper didn't give out (snacks plus some of his clothes and other stuff)--by the end of the day, I think you'd understand my relief in getting rid of them.

End of Day 7

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