Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Goodbye, Japan / Back in Seoul (29. Jan.)

This is it. It's the morning I fly back to Korea. It's been fun Japan, but I have to go back. I actually have people I need to say goodbye to in Korea, and I need this free time I have to go and see them before I go for good.

Yes, I walked back to the airport.
What can I say? I'm a walker.

Good morning.

What a way to start the day.

Good sign.

So I checked-in and went to get breakfast (that's right, I haven't eaten anything in the hotel--they had breakfast--because I'm always paranoid that I'll be late), so I went somewhere to indulge myself.

I can't believe the scone is bigger than the quiche.

Travel warnings, and not just for Ebola.

Bye-bye Nagasaki Airport.

and Nagasaki Airport Ferry.

So, I got back to Seoul and had to rush over to a friend's home to leave my rolling carry-on, since I was going to Jeju Island in the morning. Yes, I just arrived by plane and I was going to fly out the next morning--for a day trip. That means fly into Jeju in the morning and fly out on one of the last flights out of the day.
Hectic? Yes.
Intense? A little.
Insane? Most likely.
Worth it? Absolutely.

Besides, I've never experienced using the plane as I would a bus: go and take it to go and come back the same day. Thought I'd try it now while I had that possibility.

But it's the early afternoon and I'm starving. Let's deal with that now.

Indian curry with garlic Nan to the rescue!
Oh, I also had 2 samosas, but I had devoured them by the time I took this picture.

Honestly don't remember much else of what I did that day, but I do remember looking for Banpo Bridge (반포대교). I eventually got there, but just found out (literally now, as I'm typing out this post) that the water and lights show runs from April to October. Blast.

Oh, colors, over water . . .

Walk through the gates of the "Wi_h Bridge"

There's a restaurant up there on the 3rd or 2nd floor, if I'm not mistaken.

They have a restaurant or two, and a CNN Cafe.

This is a great place for color lights.

Oh, so many colors . . .

Uh, Christmas was over a month ago . . . but it does look nice.

Let's go inside the CNN Cafe.

Actually, this was kind of what I was expecting. There were a few monitors as well, tuned into CNN. I guess I missed the actual news. Blast.

But my Lemon and Star Anise Tea was pretty good.

The other building that didn't offer me much.

Let me make my way to Gimpo Airport (where I'll be flying out of)

This is how to get to Gimpo Airport Terminal from the underground (after getting off the subway). 
It was about 23:00. See how empty it is?! It wasn't until a little later, that I found out that Gimpo Airport actually closes--as opposed to Incheon, which doesn't.

Unpleasant adventure ahead.

Oh yeah, I remember they were fixing this back when I was in Jeju. They did a really nice job.

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