Monday, February 16, 2015

Exploring Nagasaki Part 2 -- Martyrs, Bridge, Night scene (27. Jan.)

One thing I didn't realize about Nagasaki was its Christian history--including lots of persecution. So when I saw this sign:

 I knew I had to go and check it out.

Not the kind of architecture I'd expect to find in Japan. Reminds me of Hundertwasser.

Let's go.
(It was quite a bit of a steep hike up there).

What, Crucified?!

What is it about cats and memorials?

The Memorial to the 26 Martyrs.

Behind the monument, is the museum.

Oh, can you see the entire picture?

Maybe this can help.

Who are you?

Oh! Really?

I couldn't take pictures inside, but you can check out the website by clicking here.

Off to a site of architectural interest.

Do you see something a little different?
Hint, it's in the back.


Looks a little scary to me from this angle, but still really interesting.

Ok, so I decided to go up Mount Inasa for the panoramic night view of Nagasaki, but I was starving. So I also got up the courage to try something:

Hey, I didn't know the people behind the counter spoke very decent English! I just assumed no one spoke English, just to be on the safe side. It's so nice to be wrong sometimes.

Oh, this was in the same mall with the Ferris wheel.

Now that I'm full, let's do this.

Here comes our cable car.

About 5 minutes later . . .

Oh, very nice walkway to the observation tower.
Light, to not walk around in the dark, but not blinding either. Nice.

Ok, info plaque giving details.

My own panoramic shot (before entering the observation tower).

Photo opportunities are never lacking.

Sure, why not.

So we walk up this winding incline up to the . . .

. . . restaurant?
I hope the seats on the seats on the previous picture aren't for the people waiting to eat there (about 2 floor's worth) . . .

See anything you like?

Ok, but where can I really see the top? Is there a way to the roof?

Yes there is.

From the roof.

The floor of the roof.
Looks much better in person.

A nice spot to look out.

I really liked it up there!

But, it's time to go back down.
(you can hike up, by the way, but I'd rather not in the dark).

Oh, weather report.
Very useful.

The cable car terminal just happened to be beside this shrine. The cluster of 3 circles reminds me of the sign of the Water Tribe from Avatar: The Last Airbender. For more information on Mt. Inasa and getting a view of Nagasaki (day and night), click here.

Cute cat sticking out its tongue at me. Not very polite.

Inside a tram.

Time to go back.

My hostel is just in front of this tram stop. Amazingly convenient.

Yeah, I walked myself to death. Time to enjoy my sleep.

End of Day 9.

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