Sunday, February 8, 2015

Iwakuni (21. Jan.)

New day, new adventure. Today, I'm off to Iwakuni--then I ended up going to Miyajima as well, but Miyajima will be on the next post.

Part of the breakfast buffet at my hotel.

There were quite a few people there that morning,

When you're done, deposit your plates, cups, chopsticks, and silverware here.

A taxi.
Now you know how one looks like in Japan (at least in Hiroshima).

On my way to Hiroshima Station to get on a train to Iwakuni.
On my way there, I started to see these signs on some of the train stations:

This is very convenient and good to know!

So, arrived at Iwakuni Station (not Shin-Iwakuni, where the Shinkansen goes) and took a bus to the most popular sight in Iwakuni: Kintaikyo ("Kintai Bridge")

It is really hard to miss.

Some info.

To the right, you can see Iwakuni Castle on the top of that hill.
To the left, you can see the ropeway/cablecar station at the top of the hill.

Kintai Kyo.

You will see that I can't get enough of this bridge.

Good to know.

Did I mention that I love bridges?

Let's get as many angles as I can.

I was going to do the bridge and the castle, but this notice let me know this was not an option. Again, I was there January 21st.

If you were here, you'd probably do the same.

I guess they set this foundation 1st, before they made the bridge?

Close-up of the station and castle.

These steps were a little tricky coming down. They weren't at my pace. I almost slipped at one point.

At the other side of the bridge . . .

Oh, good to know.

Map of the area.

Hmm, I guess it hasn't been cleaned in a while.

But boy, do they love water fountains!

Still don't believe me?

What about now?

I feel like I'm seeing a 3-D comic when I see these trees.
I mean that as a really cool thing.

Blossoms peeping out a little early.

Reminded me of Autumn.

Trees standing like soldiers.

A museum to the left and the cable car/ropeway station on the right.

A shrine entrance.

More to the actual shrine.

A samurai.
I wish I knew the stories about this place.

Streetcar bus!
Too bad I didn't ride it back to Iwakuni Station, 'cause I didn't know it went there.
You live and learn.

I'm so glad something is in English, as I'm completely illiterate in Japanese.

End of Day 3, Part 1.
Off to Miyajima for Part 2

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