Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kagoshima--Sakurajima (24. Jan.)

Good night's rest, check.
Great filling breakfast, check.
Only realizing afterwards that I was so famished that I forgot to take my camera to breakfast, check.

Anyway, it's time to go out and check out Kagoshima . . . on this GORGEOUS Spring day!

Kagoshima's trams, the old and the new.

To get to Sakurajima, we have to take a ferry. Beside the ferry is the aquarium. Imagine our surprise when we passed by, saw people at the small river in front of the aquarium, and saw what they were seeing:


That's a right, an outdoor dolphin show.

And it was free.

The times. We were there for the 10:30 one.

Whoops, my aim was kinda off.

I wonder what the person driving by thought. Was he or his passengers able to see?

So much fun to watch.

The aquarium on the right, and the ferry on the left.

I wasn't kidding when I said they were right beside each other.

Our ferry to Sakurajima.
We took the 11:00 one, which was longer and we'd be able to see more of Kagoshima and Sakurajima.


Thanks Greg, for the picture.

The only time I was cold that day.
But I love sea breeze.

As you can see, it is inhabited.

Yeap, all that is volcanic ash.
This is an active volcano.

Honesty and integrity.
Only in Japan (and Korea too, but not so much).

Off to the Visitor's Center for lunch.

This was really good--and no meat (for you vegetarians out there)!
Miracles never cease.


The best and cheapest hot cocoa I've had in a long time.

Only here will you find a dull-colored Family Mart.
Since it's a volcanic island that releases ash every-so-often, why bother with bright and pretty colors if it will get covered in ash and look dirty? Just have it dull, bland, and brown/ashy to begin with.

See, there is English.

There are also tame stray cats.

The cat-whisperer works his magic.

Soaking up the sun.

Reminds me of Jeju.

Outdoors and free.

She came right up to us!

Thanks again for the pic, Greg!

Who would believe this was taken in late January, during Japanese winter?

We're going to ride the sightseeing bus on the island, and get up to the Sakurajima--at least, as far as permissible.

Yeap, we're going up there.

Bust stop and schedule.

Nice street lamp!

The view from our 1st stop. We had 5 minutes here, so kinda had to rush.

"Portrait of a Shout"
On Aug. 24, 2004, an-all night rock concert was held here, with 75,000 people (Sakurajima's population is about 6,000) on this spot. Yes, all night. The grand finale came when the sun rose. 

Some info from the plaque.
A better picture of the information can be found here.

Our bus (more like a bus inside a van).

The best shot I could get of Sakurajima, from as close as I could get (on the tour route).

A view off to the Northwest.

Another view off to the West (where the ferries are).

A nice view to the Southwest.

A group of girls did us the honors. Nice job!

Alright, back to Kagoshima.

Wow, that kind of came close to how it really was.

Now, looking for dinner. Strangely enough, on a Saturday, many restaurants were closed and wouldn't open til 6pm. We found this odd, but oh well; we eventually decided to go for dinner at the station--where the mall and Ferris wheel were.

Have I mentioned I've never ridden a Ferris wheel--ever?

Well, the line to the Ferris wheel was actually nonexistent, and the sun was setting (so we wouldn't be able to see very well or far very soon) . . . let's work up the already present appetite and ride this!

What, we can get a transparent cabin? Yes!! Let's get it!

Oh, I really like this!

As long as I feel secure, I love heights!

There's Sakurajima!
And the glass has the names of other interesting places on that side of the city. Good thinking!
Too bad I can't read Hiragana, Katakana, or Kanji . . . 

From the top of the Ferris wheel, looking towards Sakurajima.
I guess they didn't/can't clean the windows too well.

Alright, let's eat. This meal has been overdue. Off to the Italian spot a floor below the Ferris wheel.
What do you know, we actually got a table by the glass wall! So we had a nice dinner with a nice view, score!

My salad (it was part of a meal/set), minus the bacon. Thanks for taking care of that, Greg (see the other salad at the top-right corner?).

My Spaghetti with chicken, olive oil, dried red peppers, and spring onions.
Whoa. This was much better than I expected! My hearty compliments to the chef!

It's back to the hotel, but wanted to catch one last look at the Ferris wheel, now that it's night.

End of Day 6.

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