Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chusok (pt. 2.1)

Hey, I had to divide Wednesday into 2 parts, 'cause there are a lot of pictures from the morning and not few from the afternoon/evening.
After the best night sleep I've ever had since I came to Korea, I was thrilled to see it wasn't raining. After breakfast, Seoyeon and I went back to the Olympic Park and walked around.
Wow, there was a lot to see. But other than that, I felt just how homesick for nature I've been. I couldn't stop taking pictures of the trees, hills, even the grass! I did control myself a bit, but here are the pictures from Wednesday morning.

The neighborhood.

Nice and interesting promenades between each of the buildings.

The playground for our building. Really, each building has its own playground.

Just looking towards where we came the day before.

They really love the high life (no pun intended).

Ooooo . . . a wall . . .

Same, but in color.

The tiny Pagoda on an island behind the wall.

Yours truly with said pagoda.

There are some very interesting artwork scattered all around this complex.

Just can't help but look.

The line of 33-floor buildings go on forever . . .

Off to the Olympic Park!

Olympic Museum. Must return and visit it.

So, where are we going again?

I really like this bridge.

an island of nature in a city.

Whoa . . .

River, Museum, and Apartments.

Let's study this.

A bench . . . NOT by a road full of noisy traffic!

1 stone from someone's artwork and 1 stadium in the distance.

A field with Hanbok-wearing scarecrows.

One way to get around.

1 lonely tree and 1 lonely scarecrow on a hillside.

This really caught my attention.

Why, hello.

I like spheres

How many of me do you see?

I think this was done by an Israeli, called "The Way of Light" or something like that. I liked the split trees idea.

(seriously, this was the artist's title).
I like it.

Really dunno what it's called, but it made me think of skateboarders.

Looking at the other side of the river, where we were before.

Did I mention that I like spheres?
See anything sticking out?

Mmmm . . . flags . . .

Whoa, hello!

I don't feel worthy . . .

An interpretive twist.

Where you can rent these interesting "bikes".

An interpretive wing.

A flower sculpture back in the apartment complex.

From here on, I got my stuff, Seoyeon took me to the metro/subway station (it was within walking distance), said our farewells, and I was off to my next engagement.

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