Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday, 3. September

Today, Sept. 3, after my 1 morning class, I was free! It felt really nice. Now, what to do . . .

Thulie said she was gonna take me to E-Mart (some place where she and Elle usually do their grocery shopping and what-not), but we were caught up in our own things, that we decided to go Sunday.

So, I was free at about 12:30, and decided to go out and explore the city a bit. Thulie told me of where I could go. I followed her directions and saw what I did not expect. In my interpetation, I would call it the "5th Ave. of Outdoor Clothes".

Seriously, there are shops exclusively of several brand names, even some I've never heard of before! Some of what I can remember at the moment are: Columbia, The North Face, Black Yak, Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Asics, Puma, Lacosse, Anne Klein, Elle, Serengheti Golf, Everlast, Wilson, even Playboy Golf! I was surprised. But that wasn't a priority at the moment.

I was able to resolve the issue of hunger at Lotteria. From what I understand, Lotteria is like Korea's McDonald's. The food wasn't bad at all, then again, I was starving and am willing to eat and enjoy almost anything.

My meal. I would've taken a picture of the burger I ordered, but I was too hungry. Sorry.

It had almost everything. It was the "Euro" something. It has a fried cheese pattie as well as the beef pattie. Okay, so it wasn't the healthiest, but I walked and sweated it off . . . and then some.

Just walking along the main road, I walked in front of this gas station. I have never seen this kind of layout before. So of course, I couldn't resist.

I was excited to find a music shop that selled Recorders. These weren't just the kind they give you to teach music in 1st grade. They had that kind as well (soprano), but they also had the alto, tenor, and base forms (each "voice", the lower it goes, the bigger it gets). I would love to get the base, but we'll see how things go.

I was supposed to be in Vespers, but we went and had to wait outside. The elevator and the classrooms were locked. We waited til about 19:15 (vespers begins @ 19:00). No one showed up, so we decided to go back. Why stay there?

At least now, I have finally updated and come up-to-date with my blog. Now, for some rest.

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